Rainton Gate Luxury Cats Hotel
Exclusively for cats

Why Choose Us

We are an International Cat Care (ICC) Listed Cattery - (find out what this means HERE)

There are no co-located kennels - RGLCH provides a peaceful and relaxing environment for your cat.

We have unrivalled access, being minutes away from the A1(M) and A19. No winding country lanes or farm tracks to negotiate.

We offer excellent value for money. We don't charge for extras such as medication and cuddles. Also:

  • We use only the best, branded wet and dry foods.
  • We use high quality, highly effective but safe, veterinary-approved chemicals for daily cleaning and disinfection.
  • We have highly-trained, experienced and motivated staff, who enjoy both working at RGLCH, and caring for your cat(s).
  • Our chalet sleeping areas are kept at a minimum temperature of 18°C, 365 days a year. (Higher for the very old/frail/young.) 

Your cat will receive a top-to-tail health check, every day.

Pet-sitting services cannot give your cat the same care, attention and security we provide:

  • Cats who get lonely easily, may welcome a stay at RGLCH - there is lots going on and we see your cat frequently throughout the day, (we are in the cattery itself from between 6-7am through to 6pm minimum, and we live on site.) We spend quality time with them - we are not rushing off to the next household. We also complete a final check on every cat again later in the evening, before we finally get to bed ourselves!
  • Elderly cats and those with medical conditions get the higher frequency of monitoring they require, and which they would only otherwise get from you.

We would encourage you to visit other catteries before coming to us to compare. You should be able to visit without an appointment during their opening hours. The ICC has produced a "Guide to Choosing a Good Cattery". Part of the guide is a checklist of bullet points, to take with you on your visit. Please take the time to read the guide, use the checklist, and ask questions!